Uniform items are available for purchase from the school office as we are the only stockists. We do have a limited number of second hand items at times.  WINZ quotes are available from our school office. 

Shoes and socks – shoes need to be black, including soles.  Socks need to be black or navy. We have LIS logo socks available for 2024.
Stockings (not leggings/tights) are also permitted in black or navy.
Jewellery – Students are permitted to wear one pair of studs or sleepers in their ears but no other piercings. Many students wear special necklaces (taonga, greenstone, bone and other sentimental items).  As a very sporting and performance-based school, we cannot accept responsibility for these items if they get lost or broken and insist that they be tucked away under our school polo shirt. No rings are to be worn.
Hats – are worn in Terms 1 & 4 to be ‘Sunsmart’ – this is encouraged but not compulsory. Sunblock is provided.
Hair – any hairstyle and colour is acceptable.

Our prices

Polar Fleece  jacket - $75.00
Polo Shirt -  $35.00  
Hoodie - $60.00
Skirt - $75.00
Shorts  (drill) - $35.00
Shorts  (unisex) - $35.00
PE Top - $35.00
PE Shorts - $30.00
Tracksuit  jacket (optional) - $55.00
Tracksuit  pants (optional) - $40.00
LIS logo  socks (optional) - $11.00 a pair (or 2 for $20.00)  

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